Narmer Palette

Narmer Palette

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo: Narmer Palette

The first Dynasty begins with the legendary Narmer (Menes). The Ancient Egyptians since the New kingdom recorded on their monuments the name Mena as their first King. King Narmer had his tomb at Abydos.

To Narmer is attributed a slate palette of green schist, displayed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. On both sides of the Palette, the scenes are different in detail but they agree to commemorate the victory of the king over his enemies.

On the first register on both sides, we Find the Name of Narmer(Ncr -mr)written inside the rectangular shape that represents the facade of the palace. On either side of the name, the head of Goddess Hathor exists in the form of a face of a woman with the ears and hones of a Cow.

On the recto side, we see the king standing, wearing the white Crown and holding an enemy from his forehead. This enemy is kneeling in from of the king, he is called wcsw. The king is holding in his right hand a mace- head to mite the enemy with. In front of the king we see God Horus in the Shape of a falcon, controlling an enemy by a rope tied around his nose. The enemy is represented with head projecting from a horizontal bar. From which rise behind the enemy’s head six papyrus stems on which is resting the leg of the falcon. Each Stem gives the number 1000.This indicates that God Horus controlled the enemies of the king and he presented 6000 captives among them. Behind the king his sandal bearer holding in one hand a Jar, while in the other hand he is holding the Sandals of the king.

On the last register, we find 2 enemies fleeing each one of them is inscribed his name. On the verso side, On the Second register, we find king Narmer is represented wearing the Red crown. Behind him is his Sandal bearer. In front of the king is another high Official Preceded by the standard -bearers who are carrying 4 emblems at the top of the standards. At the right end of the register, we have 2 rows of enemies, each of whom has his head cut and his hands tied behind the back and his legs twisted to the inside. Except two of them at the beginning of the 1st row who are perhaps the chiefs of enemies. The king is marching in a Procession with his Officials and Standard – bearers of his armiesto view the Captured bodies of his northern enemies.

On the 3rd register, we find two animals with long necks intertwined to from a circle in the middle. Tow attendants are holding these animals by means of ropes to stop them from fighting.

On the 4th register, the king is in the form of a bull attacking a fortress with his hons. The Scenes on this palette commemorate the victory of Narmer in his war and his celebration of that victory over the northerners.

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