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Nile Cruise in Luxor to Aswan

  A Nile Cruise tour is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you must include in your trip to Egypt. It mixes between the Histories of ancient Egypt with relaxation which make your trip to Egypt an unforgettable Trip. A lot of travellers don’t know the difference between Nile Cruises, dahabiya and feluccas. you […]

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The Marine Museum in Alexandria

  General Brief The Marine Museum in Alexandria, also known as Qaitbay Maritime Museum is one of the smallest museums in Egypt. I actually entered it by mistake because I thought it was one of the gates that lead to Qaytbey Fort in Alexandria. In fact, The Marine Museum in Alexandria once was one of […]

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The Royal Jewellery Museum In Alexandria

  The Royal Jewellery Museum In Alexandria of Egypt is located in Alexandria’s Zizenia neighborhood and is one of the largest museums in Egypt with a surface area of around 4,185 meters. Moreover, the Royal Jewelry Museum hosts the most valuable displays including the jewelry and the ornaments. Queens of the last royal family of […]

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Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria

Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria was built in 1892 as a small building located on Horreya Road. In fact, in 1895 it transferred to the present site near Gamal Abdul Nasser Road. Moreover, it started with eleven galleries and enlarged in later renovation stages. The 25th gallery inaugurated in 1984. In fact, Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria […]

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Alexandria National Museum

The National Museum of Alexandria which was formerly a palace, served as the meeting place for the royalties and merchant class hierarchy of Alexandria. The museum consists of 3 levels – the basement housing the Pharaonic artefacts, the ground level displaying the Graeco-Roman treasures, and the 1st floor – containing relics from Egypt’s Coptic Christian and […]

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Pharaoh's Island

Pharaoh’s Island

This article is about the island in Egypt. For the island in the River Thames, see Pharaoh’s Island, River Thames. Pharaoh’s Island (Arabic: جزيرة فرعون‎ Jazīrat Fir‘awn) or Isle of Graia refers to an island in the northern Gulf of Aqaba some 200 meters east off the shore of Egypt‘s eastern Sinai Peninsula. The island is 350 metres (380 yd) long north-south, and up to 170 […]

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Museum Taba

Museum of Taba City

The city of Taba is one of the tourist cities of Egypt, which overlooks the borders of four countries, which gives it a unique tourist status and also has many tourist attractions in Taba between the beaches with spectacular views, where the turquoise water and mountain ranges and plains spread a beautiful painting. Pharaoh ‘s […]

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Ras Muhammad National Park

Ras Muhammad National Park (Egyptian Arabic: راس محمد‎ Rās Maḥammad , IPA: [ɾɑːs mæˈħæmmæd]; Arabic: رأس محمد‎ Raʼs Muḥammad ) is a national park in Egypt at the southern extreme of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Suez on the west and the Gulf of Aqaba to the east.[1] History When the Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt, Ras Muhammad was declared for protection from fishing and other human activities. Some of the […]

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Saint Catherine’s Monastery

The Monastery of Saint Catherine (Arabic: دير القدّيسة كاترين‎; Greek: Μονὴ τῆς Ἁγίας Αἰκατερίνης), officially “Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai” (Greek: Ιερά Μονή του Θεοβαδίστου Όρους Σινά), lies on the Sinai Peninsula, at the mouth of a gorge at the foot of Mount Sinai, near the town of Saint Catherine, Egypt. The monastery is named after Catherine of Alexandria. The monastery is controlled […]

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Temple of the Black Head in Alexandria

The Black Head Temple was discovered in the al-Raas al-Sawda (black head) area in 1936 on the road to Abu Qir, northeast of Alexandria.   The temple was built between the second and third centuries AD and has a staircase leading to a vestibule that includes four Ionic pillars.  In the middle of the vestibule stands […]

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